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The concept prototype of the windshield

In the world, there is relatively little experience with traffic protection against the effects of wind on bridges and viaducts. More recently known only 3 examples of protection against draft of On Severn Bridge uVelikoj UK, the Millau Viaduct in France and the CMI Kal viaduct in Slovenia. At the stage of designing the wipers are derived demanding theoretical and experimental studies.

Vjetrobrani - koncepcija prototipa

From the literature and from my own experience is evident, that the results of analysis and experience from one object can not generally be transferred to other facilities, which are located in a completely different wind-- embossed environment.

Location and relief terrain in the area of infrastructural facility, height and structural concept of the building, direction, promijenljivost, vertical and horizontal velocity and udamost winds are the key elements, which require a detailed and thorough study of each building separately.

The concept (shape, height, deviation from, the level of direct protection is thus bandwidth) and construction of wind protection is very complex and requires extensive theoretical knowledge and experience in the field of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics), and detailing dynamically loaded bearing elements and fastening elements.

The quality of materials and structural elements supporting the windshield Structural steel elements in the project provided the structural steel, corrosion protected by hot dip galvanizing.
Vjetrobrani - kvaliteta materijala Vjetrobrani - kvaliteta materijala

  • Pole and anchor the concrete bumper
  • Anchorage for acrylic glass element
  • Elements over expansion joints
    Structural steel quality S 235 J2 (St 37-3). All elements of the anti-corrosion protected by hot dip galvanizing min. 110 m
  • Screws for mounting anchors shall M20, anchored in a concrete bumper
    Stainless steel, quality 8.8, HVZ adhesive bolts
  • Bolts with double nut with washers or nuts with protection against unfolding M20 mounting anchors pillars that penetrate concrete bumper
    Stainless steel, quality 8.8
  • Bolts with double nut with washers or nuts with protection against unfolding M20 mounting bezel acrylic glass elements
    Stainless steel, quality 8.8
  • Acrylic glass elements d=15 mm


Control performance must be monitored authorized supervisory institutions. When supervision is necessary to specifically:

  • control the quality of basic and additional materials (acrylic elements of glass, rubber profiles)
  • pay attention to technology hot forming - bending and relaxing acrylic glass elements (residual stresses!)
  • pay attention to the accuracy of performance acrylic glass and rubber elements
  • pay attention to surface treatment and appearance.


Supplier of acrylic glass elements must submit investor control study in which they will be covered in detail in cleaning and maintenance of acrylic glass elements and rubber profiles. In principle, maintenance is defined on the basis of regular screening, especially details compounds.

Vjetrobrani - održavanje